Employee Handbooks: Time to Update

Employee Handbooks: Time to Update

Your Business, Better

It’s 2022 and we all feel an urge to grow, get out there, and better ourselves and our businesses! Here at Thrive HR Management, we’re feeling it too—and the best way to kick off the year with some growth is to take a good look at your employee handbooks. Your handbooks are a tool that hold more power than you think, so let’s jump right into why it’s a great time to update and the ways our team can help you produce quality, guiding information for your business and employees.

Once A Year Kind Of Deal

First, let’s start with a tip…successful businesses evaluate and edit their employee handbooks about once a year. Our team suggests exactly that. When reviewing your employee handbook you should look for:

  • Relevance: Businesses change…and sometimes A LOT! So check your handbooks to ensure they do not contain outdated information or policies that have been changed or no longer apply.
  • Approachability: Language matters, especially the language you use to guide your employees. Every year try to make functional changes and edits to your handbook that can provide a more welcoming tone to your employees.
  • Clear Direction: The last item to check is the clarity of the direction inside of your handbooks. Check for contradictions or inconsistencies and update as necessary. Your handbooks should be specific to your company.

You don’t have to even memorize these points either…Thrive HR is your hub of knowledge when it comes to your employee handbooks. We’ll guide you through the entire process—or simply do it for you.

It’s Your Mission

Most companies have some sort of mission or statement on company culture. This represents everything your business stands for and how you serve and connect with your community and customers. It should also be an essential part of any employee handbook. If you find yourself rushing to check if your mission statement is in your handbook, it’s probably time for an update.

That Was Clear

So, we mentioned clarity earlier. But, we think it deserves a little deeper of a breakdown. Right now, we want you to drop all preconceived notions of what an employee handbook is and first think of it as your most important communication tool. This is one of the most important reasons to update your handbooks—to clearly communicate expectations, company culture, and other priority factors of your business for all employees. Always remember, this can be the easiest and fastest way to get all of your staff on the same page. And even faster when you update with Thrive HR.

WE Built This

Humans tend to thrive in structured environments, which means, as a business owner or partner, the return is happier staff more motivated and dedicated to their work. What a lot of businesses do not realize is that the employee handbook is where that structure should start. When you are able to lay out how the company was built, operates, and maintains functionality for your employees—you get the return of a structured environment. We can build that up together, all you have to do is connect with our team.

Looking Forward: Growth

We know that a lot of businesses tend to shy away from this process altogether; however, that is exactly the reason we are here. Thrive HR can take your input and get your employee handbooks updated, concise, and relevant to who and what your business is and plans to be. You can look forward to growth by taking this crucial step in your business operations. We are ready to get to work—let’s be better this year, together!